Top 10 Videos Created in 2015

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To save you the trouble of reading about why these videos are apart of my Top 10 favorite videos to create this year, you can watch for yourself. However, if you're interested I recently announced that I'm starting a web series about previous videos I've created called "TBT For 52 Weeks". I'll most likely talk about a handful of the following videos shared below, enjoy!

  1. Happy 18th Birthday to My Brother Eric!
  2. 1st Time Shooter at MCqueeney Gun Club
  3. Dedicated To Vernon & Theresa Rodriguez
  4. Provenzano Engagement
  5. Eric Goes To College
  6. June 2015: Family Events
  7. TV World: BG's Dirty 30 Cruise to Ensenada
  8. 2015 Texas Vacation
  9. How To Make Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches
  10. San Diego 360°

TV World: Celebration Trips (2014)

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This is a highlight video of trips my friends and I took from San Francisco to South Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, back to San Diego, and lastly down to Ensenada.

Checkout the highlight videos from each trip by clicking on the links below.

South Lake Tahoe: Patt's Bach

San Diego: Amir's Birthday Brewery Hop

Mexico: BG's Dirty 30 Cruise to Ensenada

Please visit: Brandon's Recovery Fund

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On December 4th, Brandon suffered a major stroke. He is only 29 years old. The effects of the stroke have caused his cognitive and motor skills to be greatly impaired. Brandon returned home to San Diego after three long weeks at UCLA Medical, and soon after, began the process of long-term rehabilitation. Given his unfortunate, and very unexpected situation, Brandon’s family have had to adjust their lives tremendously, resulting in financial burdens that have started to weigh heavily on them. Continued therapy, inclusive of all associated medical costs and pending hospital bills, have only further intensified this uphill battle. Brandon’s road to recovery will not be easy, but he has already shown signs of very positive improvement. With your love and support, Brandon and his family will be able to get through this difficult time. Brandon will return to Los Angeles to pickup where he left off - stronger and more motivated than ever. Any contribution will help. We thank you so very much for all your support.
— Brandon's Recovery Fund

TV World: BG's Dirty 30 Cruise to Ensenada (2014 Video)

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This is a highlight video I created for a friends birthday. I shot it with a GoPro Hero, Sony RX100i, and the Canon Rebel T5i. It's always good to have various cameras to work with for different situations when documenting on the go. This was a fun one to put together, enjoy!

Amir's Birthday Brewery Hop (San Diego Beer Week)

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This is a video I put together of my friend Amir's birthday where we brewery hopped to different locations during San Diego Beer Week. We started off at Coronado Brewing Company, Stone Brewing Company, and lastly Ballast Point Brewing Company.

June 2014 Update

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Hello world. I feel like I've been locked up in my room for days on end editing my life away! I've been lucky enough to continuously jump from one project to the next. Over the past 10 months or so I've edited over 60 videos including MMA/boxing interviews, mini-documentaries on cycling, music artists, and experimenting with personal projects as well. Below is a quick video I edited to share on Instagram for "Throwback Thursday" yesterday. The video is a 15 second highlight video of one of my best friends bachelor party in South Lake Tahoe earlier this year.

When I first began video editing it started with creating videos of my friends around 15 years ago. Early on as a filmmaker I was influenced by Tom Green, Candid Camera, CKY and Jackass. As the years went on as I learned new techniques I tried to recreate the visual effects I saw on TV. I feel like I've come full circle at this time because my computer currently crashed so my editing will slow down just a tad at this time. It just so happens the last video I created for fun is of my friends and I and now reflecting back on my years as a filmmaker I can see this is where it all began. Thanks to my friends I've gained experience, and continue to have fun as a filmmaker with each project I take on.

I'm resolving the technical issues I'm having right now but I'll be back to have some more fun soon. Stay tuned and don't forget to Subscribe to My Channel and The Hollywood MMA Show!