Ray Roman BTS Football Documentary Cinematography

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Ray Roman Media (Stranger Things Animation)

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This is my re-creation of the Stranger Things title sequence. When I first saw the title sequence for the Netflix series I loved it! For some reason yesterday I wanted to give it a shot and recreate it. Motion graphics and animating title sequences has always been something I've enjoyed. Following tutorials online and experimenting in After Effects is always a great way to expand your skill set, and something I need to do more often! Checkout this playlist of various works I've done over the years.

Week 12 of TBT for 52 Weeks - Rotoscoping

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Week by week every Thursday I will reflect on previous experiences I've had creating videos over the years. In Week #12 of TBT for 52 Weeks I talk about what to do when you can't crop an object out of a video, instead you rotoscope!