Ray Roman BTS Football Documentary Cinematography

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Ray Roman 360° Tabata WOD

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Checkout this 360 degree video I recorded, edited, and of course worked out in. It was tough to do all of these back to back with a 5 minute break in-between. I was gassed but in order to be able to capture all angles it had to be done. Due to the current state of technology the 360° video will only be viewable on select desktop browsers and devices.

Ham 'N' Eggs Breakfast Test #2 with the Ricoh Theta M15

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Second day testing out the Ricoh Theta M15 360 Degree Spherical Panorama Camera - July 3, 2015 at Perry's Cafe. This time I incorporated a tripod, in the future I plan on experimenting with a selfie stick, as well as using the video feature in a creative way.

Ray Roman Selfie Test #1 with the Ricoh Theta M15

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Testing out the Ricoh Theta M15 360 Degree Spherical Panorama Camera for the first time today July 2, 2015. Looking forward to experimenting with this camera some more, as well as using the video feature in creative ways as well.

Poway Thunder & Lightning Timelapse (6/30/15)

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I used a GoPro to capture this small time-lapse and a little bit of lightning. The slow motion would of worked better if I was using a high speed video camera but the GoPro was good enough to capture a quick time-lapse.

GoPro Experiment: Wavves "Post Acid"

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After all these years I've finally got my hands on a GoPro! I've been wanting to experiment with these cameras for many years but never really had any particular use for them. Recently a friend of mine got one for free because the art department where he works was getting rid of a bunch of first generation GoPros. Since I'm into filmmaking he decided to give it to me. I've been thinking about purchasing the recent model that came out last year but it looks like I can wait for the next generation now.

I tested out the time-lapse feature for the first time yesterday. Watch the quick video I put together below.

I think GoPros are a good tool for any filmmaker to own. The reason why it's taken me so long to get a GoPro is because I've always been able to capture what I needed with the cameras I've had. Even with the iPhone I was able to create time-lapse videos through the apps available. One of my favorite cameras that's as durable as a GoPro was the Kodak ZX3. It was able to function underwater, and shoot up to 60fps which in comparison the current GoPro I have can do as well. It's great that the current state of technology allows us so many options, I can't really fathom how much better it could be within the next 5 years. I think for a filmmaker owning a GoPro is like an artist having many different brushes to choose from. I'm excited for the possibilities this camera has to offer, especially with its durability and freedom to move the camera.

My first video camera? Circa 2002.

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I came across this picture recently and I believe it's of me recording on my first video camera. After searching online to try to figure out what camera it is, it looks like the Sony Handycam CCD-TRV68 model. However, something about the Sony Handycam CCD-TRV43 model looks familiar to me too. Either way, I think this is the oldest picture I have of me video taping after I gained interest in video taping. I'm sure I probably have a video of me in the reflection of a mirror that could help me figure this out. Although in the early 2000s I didn't always archive my videos because I was just a kid running out of video tape and most of the time I re-recorded over my Hi8 video tapes. Anyways, this photo is from 2002 at a birthday party. As you can see I haven't picked up my skills yet, but I did use the ladder for some extra height LOL!