Week #3 of TBT for 52 Weeks - Difficulties

by Ray Roman in ,

Week by week every Thursday I will reflect on previous experiences I've had creating videos over the years. In Week #3 of TBT for 52 Weeks there's some technical difficulties, but I present to you my reviews channel where occasionally I post product review videos. I've been sick the past week or two so it was a bit difficult putting this 'TBT for 52 Weeks' video together. I'm realizing that although these videos have been fairly short, I'm finding spending more time on them than expected. Yes, they are fairly easy to put together but I'm finding myself spend more time on the videos than I wanted to. The idea for the "Throwback Thursday" videos was to reflect on previous work and experiences I've had as a filmmaker. It was supposed to be quick to talk about and edit together, but I'm a perfectionist and have been trying to write out a script or outline for each video I reflect on. Moving forward I may decide to switch up the style from a well edited video to more of a flat out video where I go on a tangent on the subject at hand. It all depends on what's going on in the week that will effect how these come out -- as you can tell from this weeks video,  there's a lack of quality than what I normally hope to put out.