June 2014 Update #2

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Well that was quick -- recently I was having issues with my computer so I thought I was going to be prevented from editing videos but I got everything fixed rather quickly! The issue was with my hard drive, luckily I didn't lose anything but it was a bit of a headache getting things working again. I was unable to startup my computer so I went to the Apple store to discover what the problem was. Luckily I was able to save my media from my drive by connecting my iMac to another iMac which makes my drive show up on the desktop like an external drive would. At this point I was able to plug in an external drive (which I had to go out and buy) and copy my files over. I was able to transfer my media overnight, took my computer back to the Apple store the next day and I had my computer back the following day. Again -- I ran into another problem! I was unable to install Final Cut Pro from my discs. I had to take back the iMac to the Apple store and discovered there was a problem with my optical drive. Unfortunately my Apple care had ran out and the best option for me was to buy an external disc drive. At this point I was feeling hopeful that I would be editing soon but I ran into one last problem. Apparently the Apple USB SuperDrive's are meant for MacBook Pro's. Thankfully the internet has the answer to many questions and I was able to make it work for my iMac.

Now I can begin editing again! I put together a quick video after fathers day for my Instagram account.

Yesterday was officially the 'first day of summer' (June 21). Here's another short video I put together for my Instagram account enjoying the summer sun -- I actually dislike being in the sun but once you're done working out it's all worth it.

I enjoy putting these videos together to showcase on Instagram. I think it's good practice for video editing and also I enjoy it because sometimes I wish I could make full on music videos to some of my favorite songs.