My first video camera? Circa 2002.

by Ray Roman in , ,

I came across this picture recently and I believe it's of me recording on my first video camera. After searching online to try to figure out what camera it is, it looks like the Sony Handycam CCD-TRV68 model. However, something about the Sony Handycam CCD-TRV43 model looks familiar to me too. Either way, I think this is the oldest picture I have of me video taping after I gained interest in video taping. I'm sure I probably have a video of me in the reflection of a mirror that could help me figure this out. Although in the early 2000s I didn't always archive my videos because I was just a kid running out of video tape and most of the time I re-recorded over my Hi8 video tapes. Anyways, this photo is from 2002 at a birthday party. As you can see I haven't picked up my skills yet, but I did use the ladder for some extra height LOL!