2014 Family Photo Shoot with an iPhone

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This past weekend my family and I went out to eat at Rockin' Baja Lobster on 5th Ave. in Downtown San Diego.

While we spent our Saturday afternoon in the Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego, we spontaneously had a photo shoot with the iPhone. It was pretty fun just walking around "America's Finest City" taking pictures. The cool thing about todays technology is we have the freedom to take pictures continuously than if we were taking photos on film. Some might argue over the pros and cons of film vs. digital photography, but in this case digital was more convenient for this situation. It's amazing how sufficient the iPhone can be when it comes to taking photographs. If you're in a well lit environment or daylight situation you can capture some decent quality images. Although you don't have full control of how the image turns out, you could always make adjustments in Photoshop if necessary. Checkout some of the photos below and I encourage you to go out and take some family photos!

GoPro Experiment: Wavves "Post Acid"

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After all these years I've finally got my hands on a GoPro! I've been wanting to experiment with these cameras for many years but never really had any particular use for them. Recently a friend of mine got one for free because the art department where he works was getting rid of a bunch of first generation GoPros. Since I'm into filmmaking he decided to give it to me. I've been thinking about purchasing the recent model that came out last year but it looks like I can wait for the next generation now.

I tested out the time-lapse feature for the first time yesterday. Watch the quick video I put together below.

I think GoPros are a good tool for any filmmaker to own. The reason why it's taken me so long to get a GoPro is because I've always been able to capture what I needed with the cameras I've had. Even with the iPhone I was able to create time-lapse videos through the apps available. One of my favorite cameras that's as durable as a GoPro was the Kodak ZX3. It was able to function underwater, and shoot up to 60fps which in comparison the current GoPro I have can do as well. It's great that the current state of technology allows us so many options, I can't really fathom how much better it could be within the next 5 years. I think for a filmmaker owning a GoPro is like an artist having many different brushes to choose from. I'm excited for the possibilities this camera has to offer, especially with its durability and freedom to move the camera.