Podcast EP.1 - Josh Berkovich, and Nate Diaz

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Checkout the new podcast I've produced with The Hollywood MMA Show host David Kano. We're working out all the kinks as things move along and will soon have a video for the podcast as well. Stay tuned for future episodes at http://soundcloud.com/hollywoodmmashow

In this episode of The Hollywood MMA Show podcast David Kano speaks with Josh Berkovich and Nate Diaz about coaching on TUF 20, the matchup betweet Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz, and more. Tune-in for David Kano's fight predictions for UFC Fight Night: Bader vs. Saint Preux, and his thoughts on training in CrossFit.

Marina Shafir Interview with The Hollywood MMA Show

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Here's a behind the scenes on Marina Shafir. She will be fighting for the U of MMA Fight Night 5 on February 9th at Club Nokia in Downtown, Los Angeles. This one was fun to edit!

'King' Kevin Casey Freestyle Rap for The Hollywood MMA Show

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In this video "King" Kevin Casey talks about how music is another way for him to express himself beyond fighting in the cage. Casey also does a freestyle rap for The Hollywood MMA Show off the top of his head.

'King' Kevin Casey RFA 12 Pre-Fight Interview

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Here's "King" Kevin Casey's pre-fight interview for RFA 12 that will be taking place this Friday January 24th in Los Angeles. Stay tuned for more behind the scenes videos on Kevin Casey that I'll be editing.

Scott Epstein Interview with The Hollywood MMA Show

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Scott Epstein took some time to talk with The Hollywood MMA Show about coaching on The Ultimate Fighter Season 11 with Chuck Liddell, the rematch of Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman, teaching at 10th Planet West LA, and much more!

Racism in Sports

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Today a video was posted of boxing coach Freddie Roach in a confrontation with the training camp of Brandon Rios, whom Manny Pacquiao will be fighting on Nov. 23rd.

Recently The Hollywood MMA Show covered an incident involving former UFC fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller, over a racist remark towards UFC fighter Uriah Hall. Kevin Casey, and Renato Laranja speak on the scuffle between the two MMA fighters, as did former TCU/UCLA running back Aundre Dean.

Dean believes that nobody should make use of the N-Word in any form. He states that there is no difference between the word used racially or in slang, but he believes it’s a “double standard” depending on who uses it. Dean also comments on the racism controversy between the NFL Miami Dolphins players Richie Incognito, and Jonathan Martin.

In the case of Freddie Roach, I believe the Rios camp is in the wrong from the beginning. It's not Manny Pacquiao or coach Freddie Roach's fault that the Rios camp spent their time doing interviews instead of training. If your time's up, then you've got to go. It began with Roach calling Robert Garcia a ‘piece of shit’, which lead to Alex Ariza mocking Roach's Parkinson’s disease, and then kicking him. Only after this point is where Roach said anything about race. I think everybody is in the wrong here in the way things were handled. However, in this video [posted below] the Rios camp is trying to justify their actions based on the ‘Mexican motherfucker’ comment made by Roach, again which occurred after he had been kicked. I've never seen a group of men get so sensitive over words. That's just my opinion, but who am I? I'm just another Mexican motherfucker!

I don’t believe the words Freddie Roach said were racist, but his intent may have come from a racial point of view. I can’t speak for him, so I couldn’t tell you why he chose those words.

All three of these situations were fueled by anger, but there seems to be a misunderstanding when it comes to racism. In a competitive environment racism presumably seems to be accepted more than it is socially, but whether it’s the NFL, boxing, or MMA; Racism should not be tolerated under any circumstance.

Aundre Dean speaks on Racism in Sports, Mayhem Miller, and Richie Incognito use of N-Word

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David Kano of The Hollywood MMA Show speaks with former TCU/UCLA running back Aundre Dean about racism in Sports. Aundre Dean gives his take on the altercation between MMA fighters Jason "Mayhem" Miller and Uriah Hall, and NFL players Richie Inocognito and Jonathan Martin of the Miami Dolphins. Watch the video I edited below.

Royce Gracie Interview with The Hollywood MMA Show

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Royce Gracie won the first ever UFC tournament back in November of 1993. This week marks the 20th anniversary of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Checkout the video I edited, hosted by Jason "Stizo" Flores, and shot by Varon Panganiban for The Hollywood MMA Show.

Renato Laranja Speaks on Uriah Hall and Mayhem Miller Altercation at Commerce Casino

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This is an interview I edited for The Hollywood MMA Show where Renato speaks about the recent altercation between TUF / UFC Fighter Uriah Hall and Jason 'Mayhem' Miller. Renato speaks on the incident, and gives his thoughts on Lyoto Machida and BlackHouse MMA training partner Mark Munoz fighting eachother, and more!

Kevin Casey Speaks on Uriah Hall/Mayhem Miller Altercation

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‘King’ Kevin Casey gives his thoughts on the altercation between Uriah Hall and Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller at Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, CA.

This past weekend at UFC Fight Night 30 two teammates squared off against each other which rarely happens between fighters from the same camp. Kevin Casey gives us his opinion on his fellow BlackHouse MMA teammates Lyoto Machida and Mark Munoz fighting each other. Checkout the video below.