Week 5 of TBT for 52 Weeks - Silent Films

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Week by week every Thursday I will reflect on previous experiences I've had creating videos over the years. In Week #5 of TBT for 52 Weeks I talk about "Underwear Man". This is a student film I created circa 2003. The assignment was to create a silent movie and add the sound effects in post-production. It wasn't until 2015 that I found this short film once again and found that it was an unfinished project. I added the sound effects and now "Underwear Man" is complete. Watch the short film at the link below and remember to Subscribe!

Underwear Man (2003 Student Film)

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This is a short film from sometime around 2002-2004. I recently found the only copy of this I own, I had completely forgot about it! There was no audio on the DVD I found, the assignment might have been to make a silent movie with sound effects, or that may be have been the intention because since there was no dialogue, I'm assuming that was the plan. So here's the edited version with sound effects, the original copy is 4 minutes 8 seconds long; here I cut it down, did minor color correction, and got rid of some jittery frames. Enjoy!