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by Ray Roman in ,

Are you on Vine? It seems to finally be catching on. Especially now that it's available for Android devices. I signed up a month after its release and have been addicted to it ever since. If you don't know what it is, it's basically "video Instagram". Back in March I wrote a blog post titled 'This is why I love Vine'. I write about what I like about only having 6 seconds, and what potential Vine could have if takes could be redone.

What I like about only having 6 seconds is that it forces the user to use the time wisely for their video. Some people will use the 6 seconds creatively to tell a short story, while others might use it to post a clip of what they’re viewing at a concert. There really are no limitations besides the time you’re given and the way you piece together your video with in-camera editing.

Here's some of my favorite Vines I've made so far. Follow me on Vine @RaymondRoman 

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