'King' Kevin Casey Freestyle Rap for The Hollywood MMA Show

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In this video "King" Kevin Casey talks about how music is another way for him to express himself beyond fighting in the cage. Casey also does a freestyle rap for The Hollywood MMA Show off the top of his head.

Make your ideas happen before somebody else does.

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This week Eminem's music video 'Rap God' was released. I took notice of a scene within the video that reminded me of a visual idea I wanted to make a reality 3 years ago. As soon as I heard the song 'Whiskey Kings' by Monkeys In Space, I started to visualize what the music video would look like. I had the song playing on repeat while I was running on a treadmill, and as time went by I came up with a concept. I got off the treadmill and sketched out storyboards for a music video. In the image below you will see a screenshot of one of my storyboards next to a scene from the Eminem music video. I was a bit shocked when I saw this because it's exactly what I had envisioned for the 'Whiskey Kings' music video. Read more about the project in this blog post I wrote a little over 2 years ago.

It's frustrating to see an idea you envisioned in your head, being done by somebody else and in this case that somebody else is Eminem! There are many reasons why my idea didn't come to life, mostly because of a lack of communication and expressing my idea to the band. Funding was also an issue, I don't believe I was employed at the time and I had this grand idea to create a music video on absolutely no budget. As an independent filmmaker it's difficult to risk sacrificing your vision with no budget just for the sake of making a video. I would have funded the video myself if I could have and in the future I plan on doing so with projects I have a passion for like I did for this one.

Watch the entire storyboarded music video below.