Big John McCarthy Interview

by Ray Roman in , ,

Video Interview I shot & edited of Big John McCarthy from the U of MMA Fight Night 3 at Club Nokia in Downtown Los Angeles, CA. Read the article I wrote for The Hollywood MMA Show below.

We spoke with Big John McCarthy after the fights at the U of MMA Fight Night 3 held at Club Nokia in Downtown Los Angeles.

John talks about preparing new referee’s to be the future of the sport. Through his experience he gives them insight on the rules, and mechanics of where to position themselves in a fight to ensure the safety of the fighters.

David Kano asks McCarthy how he stays humble coming down to the smaller amateur events in contrast to the big name matches. Read what John had to say below.


This is about the love of the sport, you know. I love MMA and anything that I can do to benefit, and help MMA, you know — the big fights when you do those, when you do the Anderson Silva’s, and the Jon Jones’, and the Cain Velasquez, that’s the icing on the cake. Those are the ones you get to do every now and again and say that was fun. But those are not the everyday thing, this is the everyday thing.

Referring to the amateur events, John goes on to say he believes it’s important to be apart of the smaller organizations to help instill the correct rules for the sport.

We enjoyed speaking with John; his love for the sport shows not only through his actions, but through his passion of the sport that he speaks about in our interview, we hope you enjoy it!