Podcast EP.2 - Tony Ferguson, David Kano thoughts on War Machine, Eddie Alvarez, UFC Fight Night predictions

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In this episode of The Hollywood MMA Show Podcast, David Kano talks with with UFC lightweight fighter Tony Ferguson.

Don Frye Interview at Bellator 106

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Here's our final interview from Bellator 106 at the Long Beach Arena. Don Frye talks about his career, fighting Ken Shamrock, the current state of MMA, fighters pay, unionizing mixed martial arts, and much more!  Subscribe to The Hollywood MMA Show on YouTube @MMAShowNews.

Bas Rutten (Part 1) - Elite MMA, Advice for MMA Fighters, Influence on BJ Penn, and More!

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David Kano of The Hollywood MMA Show sat down with the one and only Bas Rutten. Bas talks about teaching at his gym Elite MMA, advice for upcoming MMA fighters, his influence on BJ Penn, and many more stories such as his wife allowing him to try new techniques back in the day as he became the legendary Bas Rutten!