How To Shrink Wrap DVD's For Sale, or Repackaging with the Impulse Sealer

by Ray Roman in ,

This is an instructional video of how to shrink wrap your DVD's, and package or repackage other items. The steps are listed below:

1.  Insert your DVD into the 6x9 inch PVC Heat Shrink Film Wrap Flat Bag.
2.  Place your shrink wrapped item in place on the Impulse Sealer.
3.  If necessary adjust the timer setting to what will work best for sealing your packaging material.
4.  Push down on the Impulse Sealer arm and wait for the red timer light to turn-off.
5.  If you did not remove the excess shrink wrap after the red light turned off, grab a pair of scissors and cut just outside of the sealed item.
6.  Use the heat gun to apply heat to your shrink wrapped item. In my experience it has been best to start from the opening side of the DVD, move along to the top, and finally the bottom. It's not necessary to go over the 4th side, if you chose to do so it may cause wrinkling on the front and back the shrink wrapped DVD.

I hope this helps, if you have any further questions please leave a comment!

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