Racism in Sports

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Today a video was posted of boxing coach Freddie Roach in a confrontation with the training camp of Brandon Rios, whom Manny Pacquiao will be fighting on Nov. 23rd.

Recently The Hollywood MMA Show covered an incident involving former UFC fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller, over a racist remark towards UFC fighter Uriah Hall. Kevin Casey, and Renato Laranja speak on the scuffle between the two MMA fighters, as did former TCU/UCLA running back Aundre Dean.

Dean believes that nobody should make use of the N-Word in any form. He states that there is no difference between the word used racially or in slang, but he believes it’s a “double standard” depending on who uses it. Dean also comments on the racism controversy between the NFL Miami Dolphins players Richie Incognito, and Jonathan Martin.

In the case of Freddie Roach, I believe the Rios camp is in the wrong from the beginning. It's not Manny Pacquiao or coach Freddie Roach's fault that the Rios camp spent their time doing interviews instead of training. If your time's up, then you've got to go. It began with Roach calling Robert Garcia a ‘piece of shit’, which lead to Alex Ariza mocking Roach's Parkinson’s disease, and then kicking him. Only after this point is where Roach said anything about race. I think everybody is in the wrong here in the way things were handled. However, in this video [posted below] the Rios camp is trying to justify their actions based on the ‘Mexican motherfucker’ comment made by Roach, again which occurred after he had been kicked. I've never seen a group of men get so sensitive over words. That's just my opinion, but who am I? I'm just another Mexican motherfucker!

I don’t believe the words Freddie Roach said were racist, but his intent may have come from a racial point of view. I can’t speak for him, so I couldn’t tell you why he chose those words.

All three of these situations were fueled by anger, but there seems to be a misunderstanding when it comes to racism. In a competitive environment racism presumably seems to be accepted more than it is socially, but whether it’s the NFL, boxing, or MMA; Racism should not be tolerated under any circumstance.

Behind the Scenes with Bas Rutten The Coach

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I shadowed the MMA legend Bas Rutten as he coached his Elite MMA fighters ringside. Here's the behind the scenes video I shot and edited.

Glory 10 Fight Recap (Kickboxing)

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Saturday September 28, 2013 at the Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, CA. the Glory Middleweight Tournament took place along with a handful of other kickboxing fights. It was a very entertaining night of kickboxing to say the least. There's something different about kickboxing as opposed to MMA, being that there's only three, three-minute rounds so the fighters really have to press the action and go toe to toe.

Joe Schilling and Artem Levin were both successful against their opponents which lead the two to square off to fight for the second time of the night to determine who is the Glory Middleweight Champion. I was ringside taking photos, and as a spectator of the fight it felt like I was watching the Jone vs. Gustaffson fight which took place just a week before. In this case it was a kickboxing match, and I wouldn't say it was as one-sided as the Gustaffson-Jones fight but it was very close. So close that Schilling and Levin went on to fight for a sudden death deciding fourth-round after the judges determined the fight a draw. Joe Schilling came out victorious over Levin and won the $150,000 prize and became the Glory Middleweight Champion. Checkout the post-fight interview of Joe Schilling by David Kano of The Hollywood MMA Show.


Stay tuned for more post-fight interviews from the Glory event with Artem Levin, Wayne Barrett and more at YouTube.com/MMAShowNews

The Hollywood MMA Show at U of MMA: Fight Night 3

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Checkout the new episode from The Hollywood MMA Show that I edited. In this episode David Kano and Jason "Stizo" Flores talk with U of MMA Lightweight Champion A.J. Lavarias, matchmaker Jay Tan, and they chose their picks for UFC 164.

UPDATE: Click Here for the full video playlist from this event!

Renato Laranja talks Ronda Rousey arm bar, Joe Rogan & Vinny Magalhaes beef, and much more!

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David Kano of The Hollywood MMA Show caught up with Renato Laranja at The University of MMA: FIght Night 3 at Club Nokia in Downtown, Los Angeles. Renato Laranja talks about rolling with Ronda Rousey, beef with Joe Rogan, Vinny Magalhães, and much more!

Ed Soares RFA9 Interview

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The Hollywood MMA Show sat down with the Resurrection FIghting Alliance promoter Ed Soares after the fights to discuss the event, and the future of RFA. Checkout the interview I edited below.