Introduction of MMA Shorts

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MMA Shorts touches on current events, and all things MMA in the weekly skits. MMA Shorts will be released weekly, every Monday on YouTubeFacebook, and Twitter. Read more about the project I'm working on as executive producer on IMDb.

Episode 2 Of the Ray Roman Podcast: Online Video

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Episode 2 of the Ray Roman Podcast is about the growth of online video and my experience with video production since I started back in 2000.

Blog posts mentioned in this podcast are listed below.

Vine Killer - Video for Instagram:

More blog posts that I wrote that are related to this subject is listed below as well.

Experimental Videos for Instagram:

This is why I love Vine:

Using Snapchat to Create Short Films:

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Episode 1 of the Ray Roman Podcast: Ricoh Theta 360° Video Review

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Episode 1 of the Ray Roman Podcast is based off a blog post written in September of 2015 about the Ricoh Theta M15 360‑degree spherical digital camera, virtual realtiy, social media and the future of 360-video. Use the links below that are referenced in the podcast.

Original Blog Post - Ricoh Theta 360° Video/Review:

Good Morning Test #6 with Ricoh Theta M15:

360° Vacation In Texas:

San Diego 360°:

My 360-degree video playlist on YouTube:

As stated in the podcast - some of the 360° videos listed above will not playback properly on all devices. All 360-videos must be played back on the YouTube app on mobile devices, and on Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera on the desktop. 360-degree videos do playback on Facebook if originally uploaded to Facebook such as this San Diego 360° link:

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