Ray Roman (10/12/14 Sunday WOD)

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I’ve been doing this workout in variation 3 times now over the past 2 months. My last time was 12:43. This time I got 12:18 — a little bit faster but I was completely out of gas by the 2nd round. I skipped breakfast and did this WOD right in the middle of the day -- I'm thinking the empty stomach, and 80 degree weather might have been the problem! Trying to get under 10 minutes on this at some point. Until next time…

2 Rounds For Time (my time was 12:18):

1st round - 20 kettlebell swings (35lbs), 40ft dumbbell lunges (35lbs), 20 box jumps at 24”, 20 clean and jerks (135lbs).

2nd round - 10 kettlebell swings (50lbs), 40ft dumbbell lunges (50lbs), 10 box jumps at 24”, 10 clean and jerks (150lbs).

If the YouTube video above doesn't play on your mobile device you can watch it on Vimeo at the link below.

September-October CrossFit WOD Videos

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I love video editing and I enjoy working out daily, so occasionally I put together videos of my workouts on Instagram @RaymondRoman. Creating these quick 15 second videos for Instagram is fun, and also a good way to look back at progress I make overtime. Checkout some of the recent videos below!

12/24/2013 WOD "Vested"

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Thank god for days like these! Working out can take a toll not only on your body but on on your mind as well. It's hard to stay motivated sometimes when you're feeling weak, and like you're not improving as fast as you'd like. Although I've been making great improvements lately, especially with my cardio; I've just been feeling worn out mentally.

The hardest part about working out is actually getting up and working out. When you're not mentally focused going into a workout routine, you most likely won't give it your best. Today was one of those days where I read todays WOD and was excited to workout!

Checkout the WOD my younger brother came up with for me to do today.

All exercises must be performed with a 20lb. weighted vest.
5 rounds for time:
-6 burpees
-4 dips
-2 pull-ups

AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) for 10 minutes:
-5 push press at 115lbs.
-10 dedlifts at 115lbs.
-15 box jumps at 24"

Rest for 1 minute and then go straight into the next routine.

AMRAP for 10 minutes:
-5 power cleans at 95lbs.
-10 back squats at 95lbs.
-15 push-ups

I felt great after completing this WOD! This evening I took my parents out to dinner for Christmas Eve; unfortunately I ended up eating a little too much tonight! It can be difficult staying discipline during the holiday season. I guess this is my 'cheat day' for the week, but always remember a cheat day really means you're cheating yourself!